Traditional Yorkshire Food You Have To Try

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Traditional Yorkshire Food You Have To Try

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March 17, 2016 9:04 am Published by
Wensleydale cheese

Whilst in Yorkshire, the UK’s largest county, you have to try some of the region’s famous dishes. The food in Yorkshire is rich in flavour, hearty, satisfying and you can expect very large portions.

Of course this county is famous for being the birthplace of Yorkshire Puddings, but after spending a bit of time here, you will see Yorkshire has a lot more to offer when it comes to culinary adventures. Yorkshire is known for its sweet and savoury dishes. There are loads of excellent farm shops throughout the county selling fresh local produce.

You can’t go to Yorkshire without trying some of these delicious dishes and foods. Here’s some traditional Yorkshire food everyone should have the pleasure of tasting.

Roast dinner with Yorkshire pudding

When discussing Yorkshire food, Yorkshire pudding always comes up. Although it is described as a pudding, it’s actually a savoury dish that’s served with roast dinners. Yorkies are made from a batter that is similar to pancake batter. They are made using milk, eggs and flour.

Traditionally, they were made by being placed underneath meat so that they soak up the fat dripping and absorb more flavour. They are either served small to accompany a roast dinner, or an entire roast dinner is served inside an enormous Yorkshire pudding. It would be madness to have a roast dinner in Yorkshire without one.

Yorkshire Parkin

This is a sweet cake that originated in Yorkshire. It was made to be served specifically on Guy Fawkes Night, but you can have it all year round. It is a moist cake with a spicy, sweet flavour. It’s made from treacle, ginger, butter, honey, oats and flour. It’s great on a cold winter’s day with a helping of custard or cream. This dish is best enjoyed served straight out of the oven while it’s still nice and warm.

Toad in the hole

A lot of traditional British dishes have some very odd names, and this is a fine example. ‘Toad in the hole’ is a dish containing sausages and Yorkshire Pudding batter, The toad refers to the meat filling. It used to be made in order to enable the meat to serve more people. Toad in the hole is usually served with mashed potato, a variety of vegetables and thick, tasty gravy. It’s definitely more of a comforting winter dish but it can be eaten all year round.

Wensleydale cheese

If you love cheese, then make sure you head out to your local farm shop and purchase some Wensleydale cheese. It’s a famous British cheese that’s originally from the town of Wensleydale in Yorkshire. This cheese has a very unique taste and there are several different types of Wensleydale. Perhaps the best known is the version made with cranberries, which creates a delicious sweet and savoury combination. It’s an acidic cheese so the sweetness of the fruit helps balance this out.

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