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Top five graduate skills

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March 21, 2014 10:37 am Published by
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With the university semester heading to the home straight, the time is upon us to start considering our post university plans. Whether it’s your final year and the time has come to enter the real world of employment, or you’re just considering getting a bit of work experience to add to your CV over the summer months, here is our guide on the key skills you’ll need for the workplace.

Digital footprint

The internet is now 25 years old, and now more than ever, it’s crucial that you keep tabs on your online profiles. It might vary with different industries, but with most jobs, a digital footprint is becoming ever more important. Having a Facebook and Twitter profile is all well and good, however many employers like to check out potential employees online prior to even giving them an interview. Strike the balance right, and show yourself in a professional light online. Lock down any profiles that don’t show off your professional side, and make sure you look impressive on LinkedIn prior to applying for a job or work experience.

Workplace knowhow

Transitioning from seminars and lectures into a workplace can be a big step. Whilst you may be accustomed to working in a relaxed and laid back student environment, progressing into a professional busy office can be a bit of a culture shock. It’s clear to an employer if a new graduate or work experience student is accustomed to the ways of a professional workplace, and if you give off the right vibe, you’ll be more likely to gain the trust of your fellow workers and be entrusted with more responsibility.

Computer awareness

It’s almost a given in the technologically driven age that students are highly computer literate. A solid understanding of basic packages like Microsoft Office are a modern day necessity, and if you’re looking to operate in a tech driven industry, you’ll need to be up to speed on all sector relevant computer packages.

Teamwork and enthusiasm

Whether you’re on work experience, heading for an interview or starting your new job, an enthusiastic attitude goes a long way to impressing industry professionals. ┬áIt’s often the case that enthusiasm and good work over a work placement can either lead to a job down the line, or provide you with strong references and networking contacts.

Office etiquette

Dress codes and knowing what vibe to expect in a workplace are important if you’re looking to fit into a new job. One way of getting a handle on this is to look for opportunities to spend time in a relevant office while you’re still a student. Knowing how to converse with fellow colleagues, clients and even having the correct tone when answering the phone can be vital, so getting experience of this can help you land that dream graduate job when your university life comes to an end.

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