The best Halloween costume ideas
Halloween is the perfect time to sort out your fancy dress and get your favourite costume on. Whether you love the old favourites like witches and fairytale characters or you’re trying to be creative with a more adult Halloween costume – here are some cheap and easy ideas to inspire you for Halloween festivities this year. Girl favourites A quirky favourite for many girls is the Amazing Party Company’s seven deadly sins collection – whether you fancy yourself as Greed, Gluttony, Lust or Pride – pair it with a pale face, a big wig and you’ll look horrific (in a good, Halloween way). If you prefer something more traditional, how about transforming yourself into a rag doll? Costumecraze.com offers a range of costumes, accessories and wigs for all colour themes. You just need some eerily perfect make-up and you’re all set. Lads Film and TV For the boys, classic film and TV characters often turn out to be strong favourites. Batman’s The Joker always manages to make people run a mile, or if you’re after something more current, and want to look good rather than scary, grab your best boots, plaid shirt and cowboy hat and head to into Django Unchained territory. Cult films always make for a great costume, and the latest offering from Tarantino provides a range of characters that make for great costume ideas. If you’re not really into the blood and gore of a costume, and prefer a more topical approach, why not put together a simple Walter White costume. Cult TV show Breaking Bad’s popularity has sky rocketed over the last two years of its run, so if you opt to go as your favourite character, expect to see plenty more Jesse’s and Heisenberg’s out with you. There are plenty of alternatives out there, and with online shopping, you don’t even need to traipse around shops to get your perfect costume sorted. New favourites A few new ideas we’ve seen this year are; possessed child (looking like you’ve just dropped straight out of the exorcist,)Bad Hatter (I’m sure you can guess the fairytale equivalent) and Roadkill (at least you’d be warm – it is October) but there’s nothing wrong with the old favourites. If you’re aiming for old-school horror, megafancydress.co.uk has a great range of devils, skeletons, zombies and vampire outfits to suit everyone. If you’d rather shop in Leeds than shop online, Amazing Party Company Ltd is located on Albion Street and has a great range of both costumes and accessories. Its finishing touches range offers fangs, makeup and scars makes your costume that bit more authentic. With fancy dress, you literally have hundreds of options at your fingertips, from complete costume sets, to DIY self assembly of regular clothes. Let us know your favourite characters and how you put together your outfit.  
Published on: 26 Aug 2021