The Art of Exam Revision & How to Rock at Revision

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The Art of Exam Revision & How to Rock at Revision

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May 11, 2016 3:13 pm Published by
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It’s safe to say we all hate that word when we hear it, the dreaded hours of never ending study. However, with a bit of organisation and motivation, you can boss those exams! There’s plenty of smart ways to revise, and helpful resources to enhance your revision skills. We have come up with some handy revision tips to help you rock at revision and do well in your degree.

Make a revision timetable

It’s simple yet very effective, you won’t get much revision done if you don’t follow some sort of timetable. You don’t even have to make a revision timetable yourself anymore, there are several helpful apps that will do it for you including; ‘SQA My Study Plan’ and ‘Reviser’ (which also allows you to condense revision on your phone to revise whenever you’re travelling).

Find out what type of learner you are

If you want to rock at revision, you need to find out what kind of learner you are. For example if you are a visual learner, you would probably get the best results by revising from videos and mind maps.

The other two types include auditory learners who might want to write a song, sing it, record it then listen to it during journeys. Tactile learners need to physically do things, such as acting things out and need regular breaks as they can get distracted quite easily. You can take a test to find out at

Use helpful revision websites & apps

There are so many helpful websites out there for students. Take advantage of websites that are designed specifically to help with revision, and useful student websites such as The Student Room. ‘The Student Room’ can be really useful for revision. It offers advice from other students, and has a study section which can quiz you to keep your brain alert. Ass well as websites, there’s loads of apps that can help with revision, such as  ‘iMindMap’ which helps you create mind maps.

Revise with friends

Obviously you have to select the right people, but working with others to revise genuinely helps. Avoid large groups as these are often more distracting. You can definitely bounce off one another though and correct peers when they’re wrong.  Teaching others often helps you to remember more, so take some time to help your friends revise and it will help your revision too.  Often a little treat is a fun way to motivate yourself, so if you get the question right then reward yourself with a sweet!

Fuel yourself properly & get plenty of sleep

You can’t revise properly when hungry. Try researching recipes that contain ‘brain food’ such as fish – to give you that extra boost. Whilst revising for exams, avoid big nights out or doing things that will make you tired, and try and go to bed early when possible. You can’t revise if you’re tired, so if you have a big revision session planned, make sure you get an early night. If you can’t sleep then read (not revision) or listen to some calming music. You can even have naps during the day too, as studies have shown this to help.


Exercising during breaks actually helps, a short run can help to clear your mind and you’ll come back ready to learn. Even a gentle five minute walk is an excellent way to clear your head and getting out of the house for a while can really help. When revising, it’s important to take regular breaks, otherwise you will be trying to cram too much in and your brain will go into overload. Taking breaks actually makes you more productive.

Summary cards

Towards the end of the revision, you’ll want to be aiming to write index cards. These are mini summary cards and can help to condense things in your mind to remember them. They are a great way of breaking information down into bite size chunks.

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