Advice On Selling Your Home In Winter
Winter can be a difficult time to sell your home. It’s dark, cold, and your property might not look at its best. Selling your home in winter isn’t impossible though so don’t let the colder months put you off. With these tips, and with the help of the amazing sales team at Parklane Properties, you can get your property from “For Sale” to “Sold” in no time.

Keep Your Home Warm

No one likes a cold house so turn up the heating or light a fire to make your home cosy. When potential buyers view your property, they want to feel welcome and they want to know their future home stays warm during winter. A warm property gives them more reason to look around for longer too. Would you want to go back into the cold after being in a nice warm house? Selling your home this winter means keeping your home warm. Fluffy socks in front of fire place  

Make The Front Of Your Property Well Lit

If you have a viewing booked in, make sure your security light is working and add lighting on the path to your home. Viewers will be able to see the outside of your home better and it makes your property more inviting. Inside your home, ensure that all lightbulbs are working and your blinds or curtains are open to let any natural light in.

Decorate Your Home

You don’t have to redecorate, but dress your home to show it off at its best. Throw cosy blankets on the sofa and plump up the cushions in your living room. Line up matching bath products in the bathroom, and set the table for dinner. The smallest touches can make a huge difference.

Clean Everything

This goes without saying but ensure your home is as clean as possible before a viewing. Bleach the grout in the bathroom, close the toilet lid, clean the windows and mirrors, empty any bins, and dust daily to keep your home at its best.

Scent Your Home With Fragrance

This could be through fresh flowers, scented candles or a reed diffuser. Making your home smell nice is a must in winter. It’s not practical to open your windows as it’s cold, so a fresh scent through your home gives your viewers a positive impression from the moment they walk in. If you’re looking to sell your home this winter, Parklane Properties can help. Come into our Leeds City Centre office or contact one of our agents on 0113 237 0000.
Published on: 26 Aug 2021