Moving out? Everything you need to know

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Moving out? Everything you need to know

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May 30, 2013 1:28 pm Published by
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Moving out?

We want to give you back your deposit as much as you want to see it back in your bank, so please make sure you complete all of the essentials listed below to make the process as easy as possible!

Everyone must have moved out by 12 noon on the last day of the tenancy. Please fill in this survey to let us know the date you intend to leave, could you also provide us with your forwarding address and bank details.

All doors and windows should be locked and any burglar alarm set. The heating and lights should all be switched off too.


Please bring all keys into the parklane office (opposite the box) by 12 noon on the day you move out. Pop them in an envelope with your property address on the front.


Please leave the property in a clean and tidy condition throughout as charges for cleaning can prove costly. Make sure to do the following:

• Remove all personal belongings/furniture, rubbish & food

• Empty, clean and defrost fridge/freezer

• Clean cooker, hob & microwave (inside & out)

• Clean cupboards, skirting boards, windows and frames

• Clean all floors, vacuum all carpets & replace bag after use

• Clean bathroom and ensure plugholes are clear

• Replace smoke alarm batteries

• Return all furniture to its original position

• Ensure you have done any gardening required. You will be charged if a gardener is needed to tidy up this area

Should you leave your property damaged above a level that’s more than fair wear and tear, then you will be charged. For examples of damage costs, visit the Unipol website and check the section ‘How can I best make sure that I’m going to get my deposit back at the end of my contract?’ Unipol – Deposits

For the complete Parklane price list, please click here.

Light bulbs

Please make sure that all light bulbs are present and working. It’s expensive for us to send someone out and replace all the bulbs and we will have to charge you, so please double check!

Meter readings

Please click here to download a document requesting meter readings and serial numbers. Please complete this form and return it with your keys to the office on your moving out date. We cannot return your deposit without this information.


We require proof of payment of final utility and council tax accounts to enable us to return your deposit. Prior to vacating the property, please provide the utility companies with meter readings and forwarding addresses and make sure the date of the meter readings/billing corresponds with the end of your tenancy. Final bills must be stamped to show proof of payment or accompanied by a bank statement showing corresponding debit card/cheque payment details. Meter readings and serial numbers should be shown on the final bills.

Please provide a copy of your Council Tax Exemption Notice if you are a full time student.


All keys must be returned to the office and all accounts cleared before we can return your deposit. We will aim to put your deposit directly in to your bank account, so all tenants need to confirm their bank account details in the above survey to enable the deposit to be returned without delay.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our helpful team on 0113 2304949 or email them at LS6@parklaneproperties.com and they’ll get back to you ASAP!


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