A Freshers’ guide to Leeds & How to prepare for uni

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A Freshers’ guide to Leeds & How to prepare for uni

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August 17, 2016 2:36 pm Published by

First thing’s first, you chose well. Leeds is a great city with LOTS to do for students, so you’ll be very happy here. But you need to know a city to experience a city. That’s why we’re here.

Study the campus map

You’ll likely get a map in your university starter pack after having your place confirmed. Use it. Get used to the orientation of the campus and the buildings in which you’ll be taking class. Getting a grasp of the layout of the place, even if you’ve been before, will help you settle in much quicker.

Find your accommodation

If you’ve not yet found your student digs, choose wisely. Research where the best bars are and look out for the good coffee shops. While Leeds is generally quite an accessible city anyway, it’s important to make it easy for yourself to get to the places you need or want to be. Consider travel options and what the bus routes are like in the area.

If you’ve found where you’re going to live already, get used to its location in relation to the city centre and your buildings for study. Again, find your local bars, find your local shops and you’ll find your feet.

Stock the essentials

We’re not just talking about DVDs for the down days and hangover cures for the rough days. We’re talking about downloading maps to your phone with Here Maps in case your data runs out. We’re talking about getting pots and pans in case you find a place that’s unfurnished. We’re talking about board games and drinking games to make it easy to make friends when you arrive.

Earmark your go-to bars

Once you know where you’re going to be staying and where you’re going to be studying, you’ll be able to work out the places that might become your favourite watering holes. A simple ‘Explore this area’ on Google Maps will show you the types of bars and pubs you might like and the ones you might hate, so make a shortlist before you get there. Your opinions will almost certainly change when you do arrive, but it’s at least a starting point to know where you definitely don’t want to be seen!

Earmark your go-to takeaways

The same applies for local takeaways. Check out the hygiene ratings of your nearby nosh shops to make sure you can avoid the ones that might have rats (they do exist!).

There are tonnes of great takeaways in Leeds, so it pays to do your research, especially if you’re on a tight student budget.

Find the popular music spots

A major part of your student life in Leeds will revolve around music, such is the quality of the local scene here. Venues like the Brudenell Social Club will offer affordable and laudable live music throughout the academic year (as well as cheap drinks), so be sure to make a note of the best places to go and what their calendars look like before you arrive!

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