Fitness Tips For Students On A Budget


Fitness Tips For Students On A Budget

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November 6, 2016 12:20 pm Published by
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With rising gym membership prices and summer edging ever closer, students are left searching for alternative ways to keep fit without spending too much cash. Here are just a few ways to get your health fix and have money to spare, without being tied into an expensive gym contract…

Outdoor Activities

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The weather may not always be pleasant, but the outdoors offers a bundle of opportunity for students to exercise for free whilst taking a break from studies. Whether you prefer jogging or playing sports, there are plenty of inner-city destinations available at any time of the day for free.

University facilities like tennis and basketball courts can often be accessed for a small charge, if not none being a student. Some local parks also offer free fitness classes and boot camp sessions, so try searching online for your closest scheme!

University Societies & Sports Team

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Most universities have a society for relatively every sport you can think of, so there is no excuse for not getting involved. You can even start your own society with the help of the Students Union.

Looking for something a little more competitive? University sports teams are a great way to stay fit and socialise for low costs. These allow you to either train and compete weekly using university facilities, or attend social sessions to play your favourite sports.

Fitness Videos

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If you are fed up of awkward encounters with gym buffs, why not work out from the comfort of your own home with fitness DVD’s or videos? A range of fitness DVD’s can be found online for as little as a fiver. They might be cheap and cheerful, but they’re a great way to stay in shape without breaking the bank. If you want to go even cheaper, online websites offering fitness tips and workout tutorials are easily accessible on YouTube and other video sites such as Fitness Blender.

Gym Membership Deals

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In the lead up to summer, many gyms and fitness centres will offer reduced-price memberships to target finishing students. University gyms are a good place to start, as they are usually situated near the campus.

Other promotions include ‘refer a friend’ schemes, allowing you to work out together and enjoy benefits like free fitness classes. Many fitness centres also offer swimming pool deals at a student discount. A great way to work your cardiovascular system, a short swim can do a lot for your physical and mental health.

Workout Apps

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The App Store is filled with a host of free applications, from 30-day squat challenges to virtual personal training software.  These apps allow you to work out from home, but also offer the flexibility of fitting around your schedule.

With many proposing short workout routines to cater for beginner to advanced levels, there is no shying away from using the apps to keep fit. To get even more value from these applications, try incorporating their productivity measures into your jogging routine or outdoor sports. Click here to view a selection of the top fitness apps you can download.

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