8 ways to add value to your property

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8 ways to add value to your property

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February 4, 2016 8:52 am Published by

Adding value to a property is easier than most homeowners anticipate. Despite this, the benefits of doing so are well documented. We live in a world where the value of property means so much, and failure to capitalise on your home is something that may haunt you in later life. Imagine driving past a former home and seeing a conservatory attached when you know how much additional value this would have created for you as a selling point!

Here are eight ways to get started on adding value to your property:

–        Loft conversion: A loft conversion is an excellent way to add another bedroom and bathroom to a house and may add tens of thousands of pounds to the value of your home.

–        Paint the house: This could seem like an oversimplification but making your home as pleasant looking as possible is going to get buyers coming to you when a property is on the market.

–        Central Heating: Obviously not an issue if you already have it, but by spending £1000-£3000 you will end up adding something closer to £5000.

–        Add a conservatory: A conservatory will cost less than a genuine extension whilst performing a similar function.

–        Paving the garden: If you have a front garden, pave over it and turn it into a parking space, this will add value if you live in a suburban area where parking is at a premium.

–        Know who you’re selling to: Think about the sort of people who might be interested in your property and adapt it accordingly.

–        Consider the kitchen: The kitchen often appears as a focal point of any house. A good kitchen is capable of adding 4.6% to the value of a house, if it fits the home properly.

–        Open space: open space is very important in the contemporary housing market. Non-load bearing walls can afford to come down to create more space, and more importantly an image of more space.


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