10 reasons we all #LoveLeeds

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10 reasons we all #LoveLeeds

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August 4, 2016 2:11 pm Published by
Leeds dock taxi

There are many reasons to love Leeds. We could go on forever about how much we love it, but we’ll give voice to the locals and visitors alike to share an appreciation of the great northern powerhouse via the medium of Twitter.

We’ve selected 10 of our favourite tweets about our mutual love affair with Leeds, Leeds, Leeds. ‘ere:

The pubs are proper good

The pubs in Leeds aren’t just your regular pubs. They’re proper pubs. With proper pub grub. And proper good beer. Just like our Becky experienced in the Adelphi.


It looks great even on a cloudy day

Leeds isn’t the Caribbean, we know that, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a sight for sore eyes even when the weather is bad. Tommy took a shining to the town hall here and we can see why.


You can play shuffleboard in the basement of a pub

One of our favourite new bars in Leeds has the delightful allure of three 22ft shuffleboards downstairs. It aptly goes by the name of Shuffledog, owned by BrewDog, and it looks like Jade loves it just as much as we do.


It recreates its most iconic buildings…in cake

As part of the Leeds Indie Food Festival, the city’s buildings were featured as a series of rather delicious-looking cakes. Just when we (and Catherine) thought Leeds couldn’t look any better.


It delivers great weather when it matters

It might have made the Leeds Half Marathon a little more difficult for the runners, but the great weather really put the shine on the city this year. This ‘I love Leeds’ t-shirt summed up the day as well as the way we feel about this place.


The beer is cheap

It’s no secret that beer is cheaper in the north than in the south, but this Twitter exchange exemplifies everything we love about pubs up ‘ere. There aren’t many places left that serve pints for less than £3 these days! 

It looks great on TV

Popular BBC show, In the Club, written by local writer and actor, Kay Mellor, is based and filmed in Leeds, so we’ve seen the city featured time and time again throughout two seasons (so far) on the Beeb. And it looks grand.


There are water taxis on the River Aire

One of our favourite ways to travel in Leeds is the water taxi that runs down the river between the train station and the Royal Armouries. It’s entirely free, barring the generosity of a tip for the captain for giving you one of the most unique experiences in Leeds.


It attracts some of the biggest acts in the world

Now that the First Direct Arena is a well-established part of the city and, indeed, the world music scene, we’re seeing all sorts of stars rolling into our streets. Noel Gallagher, for one, played in April and nailed it, making Emma’s week in the process.


It has amazing parks

As well as having the great Yorkshire Dales on its doorstep, Leeds has some pretty spectacular public parks. The biggest of these is the great Roundhay Park, which is a 700-acre attraction that features the likes of Tropical World and two great lakes, as captured in this beautiful springtime shot by Miss Fiona King:


We’ve only got three words left to say. Leeds, Leeds, Leeds.

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